Stuart & Hamlyn Who are we?

Stuart & Hamlyn Technologies


Your Study Abroad Consultant | Visa

Experienced and Talented Professionals:

We are group of professionals in the Education sector helping and driving excellence to the stakeholders in the Education system.

Authorized Representatives:

We are Authorized Representatives of University of Western Australia, which is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and help you in managing your process through to college with ease.

With the shift in focus from USA as an employment country after education, parents and students now are seeking countries that offer easier immigration opportunities and Australia is now becoming much sought after due to its superior immigration opportunities.

Step by step guidance:

We assist in your every step right from application to Day1 in the college, taking care of:
– Preparedness,
– Financing (Education Loan Assistance through banks),
– Student Visa and
– Travel & Accommodation

We have your hand until you can be on your own or choose to be on your own.

Welcome to Stuart and Hamlyn Technologies we have presence in both Australia and India besides our office in Dubai and representation in USA. Entire process is handled by professionals, who are well versed in the entire process.

How to Apply?

Please write to:, we will respond quickly to all your queries including tuition fees and will brief you on our services. Our services will maximize your savings on the entire education related expenses that you may incur. Alternatively,  Click Here to choose your area of Study and start your application to University of Western Australia to ensure your application process is direct, we have made the experience seamless to apply directly to them. We are Direct tie-up with Migration Agents for Visa Applications, Assistance for Travel, Accommodation & Airport arrival.

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