The placement division of the company engages in the activity of administering a Worldwide Training Program for a Specific Industry, say, Petroleum Industry, Telecom Industry, Automotive Industry, etc and then facilitate the candidates to get the employment who are directly inducted in to job without hassle of initial training.

We select fresh engineering graduates directly from the colleges and provide them Learning and Development opportunities so that they are directly employable in to the industry.

Presently, there is an on-going Training facility being conducted for Petroleum industry, wherein we impart knowledge to the candidates right from Exploration, Production, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling Technology to recent developments in Sub-sea and Deep sea engineering. Our Training facilities are best comparable as we provide the infrastructure with multi-media facility together with excellent faculties from Academia and Experienced Industry Experts to impart Training.

We provide the details of our Trained Candidates to the Global Employers in Petroleum Industry for their selection and recruitment in various departments of Petroleum Engineering.