FAQs for Petroleum Course:

1. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I completed my degree this year. Can I do this Program?

Under Graduate or Post Graduate in Engineering of any discipline can do this Program. Third and Fourth year Engineering Students can also do this Program.

2. Basically I am an engineering graduate and has more than 3 years of experience in different industry. If I do this Program now, am I too late?

Since you have already working experience, doing this course will enhance your opportunity to get into Petroleum Industry.

3. Can I do it in 3 months?

Since we are preparing the candidates to acquire basic knowledge on Overview of Petroleum Industry, all aspects will be covered in three months time.

4. What are the timings of the Program?

The Program is offered in three batches for the convenience of students and working people as below:
Morning Batch : 9.30 A.M. to 12.30 P. M.
Evening Batch : 5.30 P.M. to 8.30 P.M.
Week-end Batch : Saturdays: 9.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. Sundays: 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

5. Who are the Lecturers and Mentors?

Industry Experts who held high rankings in different domain of Oil and Gas industry like ONGC ,CPCL ,etc. and Academicians from reputed Universities are on our board of studies for this program.

6. How this Program is designed?

The Program is designed by the Industry Experts & Academicians based on the current job requirements in Oil and Gas Industry.

7. How will I prepare to complete the Program?

At the end of Learning of each Module, there will be mock test so that you will be in constant touch with the subject. At the end of the Program there will be 3-hours computer based test covering what was taught in the Class-room and what was done at Practical.

8. Which area should I focus on?

Since we cover Overview of Petroleum Industry, you may have a flair for specific domain. Following are the domains from which you can choose based on your interest and you can focus on the same and apply for the job.

Our Standardised Stream comprises of the following Units:

A.  Exploration of Hydrocarbon
B.  Drilling Technology
C.  Reservoir Engineering
D.  Production Process
E.  Refinery Management
F.  Crude Processing
G.  Environment, Health & Safety
H.  Risk Management
I.   ISO and TQM in Refineries
J.  Selected Current Topics

9. Do you provide software training in Petroleum Industry?

This program covers basic overview of petroleum industry and we will enlighten software that are uesd in Oil Industry. Specific software training can be looked into after completion of this program.

10. What are the facilities available at S&H Learning and Development Center?

Air-conditioned individual seated class-room fitted with OHP, Computer Laboratory, E-Library, Rest room, Light refreshment (on payment basis) and Mentor rooms are available at S&H Learning Development Center.

11.  Can I register online?

Yes, you can register online for free for our Program through http://www.stuham.com.

12. Do you provide accommodation for outstation candidates?

We do not provide accommodation for outstation candidates. However, we assist them to get economic near-by accommodation.

13. What should be my test taking strategy?

Student study material will be provided for the required portions. Test questions will be based on the same.

14. Will this Certification be useful in getting me an employment?

Our course Program follows American Petroleum Institute's standards(API). Based on your performance at the interview, you will have chance to score over others as you are taught the basics of Overview of Petroleum Industry as per API standards. Moreover MNCs would like to prefer the candidates with some knowledge of Petroleum Industry rather than a raw candidate.

15. What is S&H Learning and Development Center's contribution in securing the Placement?

S&H Learning and Development Center will provide the details of available vacancies across the globe, which the trained candidates can apply for it. Moreover, when specific requirements are received from potential employer, S&H will organize interview and prepare the candidates to perform well at the interview.

16. Whether this Program is accredited by any University or Institute?

S&H is negotiating with some prestigious educational institutions both in India and abroad to adopt this Program as part of Main Curriculum of Engineering Course. Apart from that S&H is in the process of applying to API for "TPCP - Training Provider's Certification Program".

17. What are the contents of Practical sessions?

Practical Sessions include Site Visits to Oil Rigs and Petroleum Refineries within India. Overseas site visits at extra cost can also be arranged.

18. Will I get Certificate after completion of the Program?

Yes, a Certificate of completion will be issued with grading after completion of the Program.

19. Is there any Specialized domain which S&H train after completion of this Program?

Based on the interest and request form the candidates, S&H can organize specialized Workshops on Specific Domain through the expert's knowledge in the field at extra cost.

20. What is the Program Fee?

The Program fee is structured to attract all the talented engineering graduates who want to pursue their career in Petroleum Industry. Specific information can be had from our office.

21. What are your office timings?

Monday - Saturday: 9.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. with LunchBreak of 1.30 P.M. TO 2.30 P.M.